WithLove: the first romantic movie platform in the Netherlands.

In this modern society where we live in, everyone has high standards, is always in a hurry, and often deals with a lot of stress. With a great variety of romantic movies and series WithLove is the place where people can relax, and where they can escape from the hectic world.


Love is the message and the message is love. WithLove wants to be the place where you can unplug from all your sorrows. The purpose of WithLove is to surprise and seduce you every day with the best, newest, and most beautiful romantic movies and series. With classic movies like Autum in New York, and movies that you've never seen anywhere else.

Our approach:

DutchChannels has collaborations with a lot of filmditributors, like Just, BBI, Hallmark, Lake Vision, Summer Hill and many more. WithLove also has her own production: TrueLove, and that is only the beginning of a whole lot more WithLove creations. Through accessible technology such as Facebook and Google we make sure to reach great numbers of romantic movie fans. We were also one of the big guests on the Huishoudbeurs 2019. Thousands of visitors started their membership there. Watch our aftermovie.

The result: is the first en biggest romantic movie platform in the Netherlands

  • Over 200 movies en series on the platform
  • For €5.95 a month you get hundreds of hours of content
  • Every week there are at least 5 new movies and series to watch
  • WithLove has unique movies, never seen anywhere else

The Platform:

You can watch the movies and series of WithLove on a lot of devices, like a laptop, tablet or phone. You can stream with Chromecast and Apple Airplay to your television. WithLove also has an app for iOS and Android. Have a look at the platform.


Iemke Roos, partner at Dutch Channels: 'In these times with a lot of negativity and misery you see every day at the news, WithLove wants to give you love. Unlimited and unconditional love.'