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  • From crowds to niche

    Vast markets for special interest content emerge because new technology opens the world to new media players.
    Like farming, Christianity, classic rock music, education, health etc. etc. Areas relevant for special interest groups
    which create interesting business opportunities for a new generation of media owners.

  • From push to personal

    We start from a deep understanding of consumers content needs and of behavior.
    Moving from a traditional push strategy to pull by delivering personalized content, on every platform at any moment.
    Creating a much higher level of engagement, commitment and loyalty. New innovative advertising models create robust business cases.

how we do it

DutchChannels facilitates the 4 pillars
for successful video channel businesses:


Brands and concepts that resonate with a specific audience are leading. A sustainable content platform demands a multidisciplinarty approach. The best creators transform a ‘nice’ idea into an extraordinary business opportunity. The goal is to convert video traffic into long term money making businesses.


Being successful in this domain requires substantial investments. We create a business plan that provides these investments that are necessary to run a professional and successful video platform and to survive the first and crucial years. Next to that we ourselves invest in our projects unconditionally.


Exceptional marketing and branding to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace where every minute 300 hours of video content is uploaded to Youtube is vital for success. Working with the best partners in marketing provides us with a head start to many other solitaire video initiatives.


It’s not about the platform. The major challenge is delivering multichannel content based on user preferences. That’s why we’ve integrated a solid (big) data infrastructure with a high end video technology. For every project we create the best match with various technology partners.

DutchChannels works with a clear phasing:

1: Validation

Concepts presented to DutchChannels are submitted to a critical analysis. Is the concept distinctive?
Who’s the creator? Does he/she have the specific knowledge, etc. etc. Because we like a challenge most concepts presented to DutchChannels don’t survive this phase.

2. Prototyping
& business case

When a concept makes it through phase 1 we build a prototype: what does the concept look like in real life? How does it feel? Can it be explained in 3 sentences? After bringing the concept to life we engage various partners: makers & creators, sponsors, financers.
Next we build a business case. Strategic partners of DutchChannels will not only operate as executor but possibly also as financier, by ‘equity for service’. This seriously enhances the financial feasibility of concepts and plans.

3. Production

A successful video channel is all about the right execution of the concept. Constant focus on customer & viewer behavior leads to success. With a team consisting of various disciplines like content management, platform management, customer care services, back office, technical support & big data reporting we provide the essential services for running a video channel.

Henk Bout


Henk is the founder and former CEO of United Broadcast Facilities. He has 35 years of experience in leading international operating businesses with over 1500 employees.

Gerben Ras


Gerben has been active in director’s positions in the field of online, marketing and new business models for years. He has been involved as partner of DutchChannels since the start.

Wouter van Eldijk


Wouter has extensive experience in marketing and has already held several management positions in this field. As our digital native he challenges startups & concepts.

Iemke Roos


Iemke has founded Cameo Media and has been responsible for the production of Hart van Nederland and over 20.000 hours of diverse video productions throughout more than 10 countries.

strategic partners

With our partners we create value through our unique multidisciplinary knowledge, combining creative power with solid execution methods. We focus on measurable results generates loyal audiences.

Current Projects


The idea: a tool for the food & agrisector in The Netherlands to change the way consumers think & feel about food.
What we created: a strategy to connect consumers with the agri & foodsector. Side by side, from farmer to fork. A total package of innovation, entertainment, news, cross channel on demand.
Where we are now: Live on air 4th of Juny 2017 on RTL4 .


The idea: deliver high-end video content like films, series & documentaries, combined with approved digital teaching material into every classroom in the Netherlands.
What we created:
a sustainable business model for a modern streaming platform with approved audiovisual teaching materials by multiple providers.
Where we are now: 
Financed and now hiring! Launch Flixy in Q3 2017.

new faith network

The idea: create a positive, inspiring and modern religious experience by using the newest and innovative means of communication.
What we created: an execution plan for an
international roll out of a video channel including social media.
Where we are now: Financed and now hiring! Launch NFN in Q4 2017

Sophia Children’s Hospital

The idea: a VOD platform for the children in the hospital and their family.
What we created: a chance, financially and technically, to realize this platform.
Where we are now: attracting sponsors & creating a crowdfunding campaign.

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