We are facing the fourth period of media. The first wave was the broadcast networks. The second wave was cable networks. The third was based on special interest by UGC and vloggers on platforms like Youtube and Twitch. Now it's about introducing professional video on demand brands serving people exactly what they want to watch today.

Subscription based niche platforms

We develop our own subscription based niche platforms. This requires perfect fine tuning between target audience and content which is why we work with partners from a variety of fields. For whom do we make our channel? Wat moves the consumer? With film distributors, producers, and content owners we fine tune the content offer to the target audience. We buy content and edit. Our own VOD infrastructure and marketing knowledge are essential to this.

Our platforms

VOD channels for special interest groups

In collaboration with advertisers we launch VOD channels for special interest groups. A combination of storytelling, data collection, and online marketing resources is essential in an ever changing mediascape where TV advertisement is becoming unprofitable and where interaction between brand and consumer is absolutely necessary. Long viewing times, a high degree of brand-engagement and interaction, and effective e-commerce possibilities make for the amazing results of branded channels.

At the moment DutchChannels is developing platforms for Automotive, Gardening and Healthcare. Participation by way of strategic partnerships is still possible at this time.

Our platforms

From idea to execution

Our experts develop, implement and manage video streaming on demand for niche, brand and independent channels. Our service includes format development, content production and management, online marketing, media, data, and technics. From idea to execution. From linear to online. From single to multi-channel. From advertisement to subscription based. Our state of the art technology, online DNA and content knowledge are a perfect playground for developing premium video on demand channels catering to subjects such as agro, food, education, pets, health, automotive, gardening, etc.

About us


People have specific interests in a variety of topics — say, food and stand-up comedy — but it's hard to find a professional stream of video content catered to those interests. DutchChannels is looking to bridge that void by developing channels that are more topically specific and interactive than what viewers are currently able to find through traditional, one-way broadcasting channels. Have a look at a selection of our current projects.

Our people

As a young media company we are flexible, able to quickly and effectively respond to trends and technologies in the dynamic online video market. Our own technical infrastructure plays a big part in our success. The mix of a young team and highly experienced senior employees makes for a unique work environment.

Henk Bout


Gerben Ras


Wouter van Eldijk


Iemke Roos


Roel van den Borne




Starting a new channel is the most exiting thing to do. Serving the best video content to our viewers is the most relevant thing to do. Creating the best video platforms is the most tech thing to do. Are you joining us to build the future?


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As a young media company we are flexible, able to quickly and effectively respond to trends and technologies in the dynamic online video market.

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